Su richiesta di Cartusia s.r.l., ditta specializzata nel restauro di Beni di alto valore architettonico, abbiamo riprodotto un mattone sagomato per un particolare in cotto della cuspide della Torre Campanaria della Basilica di Sant'Andrea.

For the consolidation works of the ancient arches of the bridge on the river Trebbia, located in the city of San Nicolò, in the province of Piacenza, it was necessary to make three types of hand-made bricks from new. These are large made to measure bricks and some dating back to 1800.

With the FORNACI DEL PIANALTO and in collaboration with CASACLIMA, We look forward to seeing you at Lingotto Fiere - OVAL room- From 16 to 19 November from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm

The Porte Palatine back to their antique splendour...

This Palace - “Reggia” in Italian - has a tormented and complex history: from the splendours of the Seventeenth Century...

The Fornace Ballatore bricks to build NZEB (NEAR ENERGY ZERO BUILDING) in accordance with the Casa Clima protocols.

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