21/04/2016 16:25:09
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The Fornace Ballatore bricks to build NZEB (NEAR ENERGY ZERO BUILDING) in accordance with the Casa Clima protocols.

Building according to the NZEB criteria, which allow to reach the Casa Clima certification, has for many years been a guarantee regarding the quality of the building and the high levels of energy efficiency, thanks to accurate design and controls on the building yard that ensure that what was designed and what has been built correspond.

Fornace Ballatore in collaboration with Fornaci del Pianalto, always attentive to associate tradition and innovation, offers technical solutions that aim at providing designers with a catalogue of the principal construction nodes of a building already in line with the NZEB and Casa Clima directives, in compliance with the recent national decrees and ready to be applied in the building yard.

Building almost zero energy buildings, with the comfort and aesthetic quality that only the tradition of terracotta bricks and tiles can guarantee: this is the proposal of the Fornaci del Pianalto.

The philosophy is to use the clays of the territory which they are profoundly linked to and where they operate by investing in innovation and research, to best satisfy the requests of the market which they have always offered high quality brick products to.

A local production, attentive to the customers’ needs and respectful of the environment, that proposes only truly "organic" bricks made from the extraction of the clay in re-naturalised quarries, goes to show the attention of Fornaci del Pianalto on this issue. Reliability, quality and tradition are combined in this "alliance" which lays in the heart of Piemonte and works for its growth with great commitment and confidence.

See the construction nodes in order to achieve traditional innovative projects with bricks and terracotta tiles.

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