Specifications description

Specifications description

Technical description of characteristics and types in divided by specifications of bricks, flat tiles, roof tiles and shaped products made by Fornace Ballatore

The exterior aspect
Bricks, flat tiles, roof tiles and shaped products made of “Piedmontese” terracotta, rustic, slightly uneven in size, shape and finishes, specified further ahead.

Indicate the chosen item, describing the dimensions and shape.
Otherwise download the drawing of the chosen article in DWG or JPG, specifying the visible surface.

Indicate the number of pieces per:
square metre
linear metre

Indicate the type of use:

Specify the type of laying, arrangement.

The requisites of the materials must be the following:

Handmade bricks shaped with moulds
box technique, sanded appearance (usually available in stock)
washed, smooth surface without sand
old Piedmont type, uneven edges

Floor tiles
fine sanded, even edges
washed, smooth, sand-free surface bearing handprints, quite even edges
surfaces honed before firing
Reggia mod. hammered surface, uneven edges

red (usually available in stock)
where more than one shade is required, indicate the percentage of mixture

Sanded on the outside with selected sand which produces no efflorescence
dried in fine size (usually available in stock)
dried in rustic size (standard on old Piedmont, by order for other pieces)

Non calibrated.
Baked at 1050° for at least 48 hours, free from calcareous impurities.
Selected and carefully packaged.

• Frost-resistant, guaranteed by certified laboratory tests
• Average 16-22% water absorption
• Apparent porosity 33.9%
• Apparent relative density 2.7 g/cm³
• Apparent specific weight 1.8 g/cm³
• Finished product free from radioactivity, guaranteed by certified laboratory tests.
• Product bearing CE mark in compliance with European directive 89/106.
• The products must be covered by a Product Insurance Policy issued by a leading insurance company
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer.
• Certificates of the requisites indicated above issued by authorised laboratory available upon request