Bricks that stand the test of time

Bricks that stand the test of time

Handmade terracotta bricks lightly sanded on the outside or washed, slightly irregular, available in red, pink or brown, in all sizes and over 500 shapes and profiles.

Filling bricks, in all sizes, complete with a vast range of sub-sizes to enable coverage where there isn’t the space or need for a whole element.

Handmade terracotta tiles available in square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal formats, sanded, honed or washed according to traditional production processes, suitable for country-style or classic paving, indoors and out. Our longer rectangular formats can be used to create false ceilings supported by a wooden framework of beams, providing valid thermal insulation as well as a warm, rustic appearance.

Flat blocks, particularly long elements for cornices, sometimes with dripstones to complete overhanging cornices and anchor the profile obtained to the masonry.

Round bricks with different diameters, ranging from small to large, for columns, circular section walls, towers or wells, with different capitals in the various diameters.

Arch segments and wedges to create arches, portholes, arched vaults. Small and large roof tiles and ridge tiles to cover roofs, split tiles for domes where the roof slopes so much that standard tiles cannot be laid.

Tread bricks, with straight or diagonal edges. Coping, bricks for covering walls to protect them from flaking due to frost, can be laid diagonally or straight depending on the model and are available in various widths. Sun shades, bricks for fencing, handrails for balconies or grid-effect dividing walls.

String-courses, bricks with negative or positive decorative relief to edge a pavement or frame a door or window. Straight or diagonal edge bricks, almost all complete with relative corner, used mainly to create cornices or column capitals.

It is also possible to create special wall edges with different angles according to requirements.

In addition to numerous formats of bricks and tiles, Fornace Ballatore is able to offer you several urban furnishing items in kit form or prefabricated and ready for installation. We always have a range of wells, fountains and barbecues in stock, with other elements available to order.