• Fornace Ballatore
    tradition and quality
    of the brick

  • Handmade bricks
    to last.

  • Lightly sanded
    or washed bricks,
    slightly irregular

  • yellow, pinkish
    or dark brown,
    over 500 types
    of shapes and profiles

  • production of customized pieces,
    to sample or design.
    Specials for restoration
    of historic buildings

Our product lines


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Handmade terracotta bricks. Lightly sanded on the outside or washed, slightly irregular, available in red, pink or brown, in all sizes and over 500 shapes and profiles.

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The strips give it a solid wall surfaces where the entire brick is unsuitable because of the size, occupying minimum space.

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In addition to numerous formats of bricks and tiles, Fornace Ballatore is able to offer you several urban furnishing items in kit form or prefabricated and ready for installation.

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Paramano Mortar

Cement mortar for brick masonry. The colors match the shades of terracotta, construction or restoration of ancient walls.

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(EN)Palazzo Carignano - Torino

(EN) I nostri esperti mattonai sono nuovamente al lavoro per la riproduzione fedele di elementi in cotto per il cornicione di Palazzo Carignano.

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  • Bricks that stand the test of time...

    The terracotta brick continues to one of very few products made exclusively of natural materials: clay, sand, water and fire being the elements used in the creation process.

    The support provided by the latest technology creates a product that guarantees durable constructions which are both attractive and economically remunerative in time.

  • The advantages of bricks

      • Zero maintenance costs
      • Thermal and acoustic insulation
      • Biocompatibility in bioarchitecture
      • Precise installation
      • Endless durability
      • A thousand shades of colour
      • Maximum creative liberty



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  • Fornace Ballatore
    Plant Division

    Our Plant division, for the design, construction and overhauling of machinery and plants suitable for: dosing, crushing, rolling, mixing, transporting, drawing, drying, firing...

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  • Fornaci
    del Pianalto

    Carena, Ballatore e Mosso brick and roof tiles manufacturers have given life to the “Fornaci del Pianalto“ network in order to create a liaison so as to operate in harmony of intentions to grow and promote the harmonious development of the territory.

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