Fornace Ballatore - Mattoni fatti a mano
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For professionals

Installation instructions (italian only)
Dedicated to architects, draughtsmen and construction workers: complete installation instructions in PDF format.

  1. Project and services (PDF - 0,7 Mb)
  2. Preparing the site (PDF - 1 Mb)
  3. Bricks and mortar, accepting materials (PDF - 1 Mb)
  4. Construction and cleaning (PDF - 1 Mb)
  5. Masonry compositions and decorative motifs (PDF - 1,6 Mb)
  6. Curved walls. Round windows, corners, crosses (PDF - 1,5 Mb)
  7. Cornices and shelves, string-courses (PDF - 0,7 Mb)
  8. Architraves, arches, platbands and vaults (PDF - 1,2 Mb)
  9. Reinforcements and clamps (PDF - 1,4 Mb)
  10. Installation (PDF - 2,5 Mb)

Project file in DWG format
Projects divided into categories ready to use in DWG format.

Arches, columns and capitals

Fireplaces, barbecue and dens

Pavements and kerbs

Chimney stacks

Covers and roofs

Fencing and covers


Doors, windows and windowsills

Fountains, benches and garden planters

Steps, stairs and fences


Swimming pools


Photo gallery
Here we present some of the most interesting applications for Fornace Ballatore bricks, split into categories.

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