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 Bricks that last  •  Advantages    How a brick is born    History

The advantages of bricks

"... I preferred to use the everlasting brick, which very slowly returns to the soil in which it originated
and its imperceptible crumbling collapse takes place in such a way that the building remains a mass,
even when it is no longer a fortress, a circus, a tomb…"

M. Yourcenar, "Memorie di Adriano"

Zero spese di manutenzione
Zero maintenance costs
"Bricks are attractive to look at, but they aren’t cheap." Those who follow this school of thought miss out on two counts.

Isolamento termico e acustico
Thermal and acoustic insulation
The visible surface brick is the construction material with the very best hygrometric performance.

Biocompatibility in bioarchitecture
Bricks are made of clay, water and fire. These natural elements classify bricks among traditional, non-chemically treated materials.

Posa in opera precisa
Precise installation
Brick is the manageable material par exellence, easy to assemble and adaptable to various project scales.

Durata illimitata
Endless durability
What was used to make the great works of the past? And those of today? Brick.

Mille sfumature di colore
A thousand shades of colour
A brick is the product of a mixture of clay and water, dried and baked at high temperature. This is why it comes in an infinite range of colours.


Massima libertà creativa
Maximum creative liberty
Brick is an incredibly flexible material. Perfectly complementary modularity, reduced weight and dimensions offer the possibility to create an infinite variety of compositions.


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