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Mastio della Cittadella a Torino

The hand-made bricks from the Fornace Ballatore have been chosen for the realization of the prestigious renovation of wall elements and paving of the look-out tower of the Cittadella in Turin.

The Cittadella has been a Savoy fortress located within the village of Turin and it was symbol of the resistance of the duchy of Savoy.

Approximately 2,000 men built it starting from 1564 and it took thirteen years for its construction which ended in 1577.

Architect Francesco Paciotto from Urbino - an expert in the Italian fortification techniques - dealt with the project.

Only the look-out tower has survived out of the Cittadella, i.e. the two floors building entrance of the fortress itself that after the renovation works will be part of the artistic and cultural resources of the City of Turin together with the Artillery Museum.

The Fornace Ballatore Reggia bricks, produced exactly in the same size, will be used to replace the worn bricks of the walls, the strip bricks will pave the large open sky upper terrace and finally the rounded bricks, shaped on the head, will be integrated with the original railing bricks.

A new architectural jewel will be given back to the City of Turin.

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