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Fornace Ballatore
Cav. Giuseppe Ballatore, founder of the company and still Company Chairman today, decided to produce handmade bricks in order to offer his customers an alternative to the industrial products available, which leave little scope for architectural inspiration and creativity. Tradition and quality are the watchwords that characterise the creation of Fornace Ballatore products.

The company moved to new premises in Villanova d'Asti in 1980 and it is here that tradition and new technology combine to enable Fornace Ballatore to offer their customers over 500 types of bricks and tiles made in series, selected from a collection of more than 1000 types of original moulds. Our bricks faithfully reproduce antique elements, and meticulous searches for the same types of clay and attention to the use of traditional production techniques enable faithful reconstruction, where necessary, or the birth of a brand new architectonic jewel which will successfully stand the test of time.

The evolution of modern architecture has continued to prioritise the use of bricks for various reasons: chromatic warmth, which differs depending on the type of clay used, countless forms, centuries of life, as well as natural heat and sound proofing, and the absence of maintenance after installation are just some of the qualities that Fornace Ballatore bricks offer to those who use them.

Fornace Ballatore bricks are available in a range of colours: red, pink and brown. In addition to standard bricks, Fornace Ballatore also produces items made to measure, sample or design.

The company’s staff of experts offers free consulting and any information that may be required with regard to the use of the huge range of bricks produced.

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